Don’t say Thank You

Please. Thank you. You’re welcome. How are you? Have a nice day.

We have a whole section of automatic responses keyed into our brains, so automatic that sometimes we aren’t even aware we’ve responded. When it comes to “thank you” it’s not so much the words that are important; it’s knowing that whatever we did that elicited the response was somehow notable, appreciated or just plain noticed!

If I do something thoughtful or nice, or aid you in any way, it isn’t the ‘thank you’  that makes me happy. It’s the smile on your face, the hug or the childlike glee you show. It’s just knowing that we shared a moment and that what I had to give was what you needed to receive. It’s important to know that we each have something worthwhile to give! Your smile of appreciation validates my existence and my place in the overall design of life. Every act of kindness  a new thread in the tapestry.

I hope that when you show me kindness or share a moment with me, that you know how I treasure those moments of paths crossed and life shared, even if only as briefly-passing strangers. We are, each of us, an endless vessel of giving and the sheer joy it lends to the giver is thanks enough. But, just so you know… you warm my heart.


2 Responses to “Don’t say Thank You”

  1. Gratitude Watch - 2009-03-13 — The Meaning of Existence (and all that) Says:

    […] Obermiller at Sunny Side Up gives us “Don’t say Thank You,” a little reminder that a thank you without sincerity might be better left […]

  2. Daniel Brenton Says:

    This post was highlighted in the March 13 edition of Gratitude Watch.

    Thank you, Julie, for continuing to promote the value of gratitude.

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