The Relay For Life is ON in Lockport!

    WE DO IT IN THE RAIN!!!! The Relay will go on depite the weather! Some events may be curtailed but the worst of the weather will pass by mid-day, leaving us 16 hours to get across the message that we are here to FIGHT CANCER and we won’t give up when the going gets tough (or wet)! The registration tent opens at noon and we encourage everyoen to grab a poncho, umbrella or Hefty Bag  and to come out to the Relay at Emmet Belknap School Track. Registration, Survivors, the giant basket auction, a food spot and others are all under main tents. Many teams have already set up their tents/canopies.

Don’t let the rain stop you!!

As a safety measure, In the unlikely event of lightning activity, the field will be cleared to the school cafeteria until it is okay to go back. Your safety is a major concern!

We hope you will come out to support us and join in the fight against cancer. The full schedule is in the previous post; we may be flexible with some schedule activities early on, but the Opening Ceremonies will be at 6 and the Luminaria ceremony at 10.



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