Honoring another fallen firefighter

This was posted as a comment to my tribute to two fallen firefighters. It touched my heart and I wanted to be sure that others so it so I am pasting it into the main blog. There are so many who put their lives on the line for us every day, and we must never take their sacrifice for granted.

This is from Kaitlyn,

i wrote this poem for my Daddy.
Allan Roberts died in October O6,
Fighting in the LineOfDuty.
May he, &all the other fallen heroes,
Forever Rest In Peace ♥

If ever there was fear in someones eyes
You’d drop everything you were doing
You’d be there in a hurry,to make sure no one dies
No matter how challenging, you always kept going

You knew the dangers,for you’ve though about them many times
But you didn’t care,this was your dream,all you knew
So whenever you had doubts,you’d look up to the skys
To guide you as you did,what you knew you had to do

I thought you’d return,everytime you left home
You promised me that,and you’ve never broken one before
So i couldn’t believe you left me in this world alone
I couldn’t believe i would see you,no more

I knew you’d been hurt real bad
You couldn’t handle the heat,and so the ground you fell
When the top floor fell,it shocked and trapped you Dad
You knew you needed help,and they knew it as well

I hate to think of your air mask falling off,and your skin that burned
Your brothers were looking for you,but they were taking too long
Just for a miracle, you prayed and yearned
But by the time that they found you,you were already gone

The man i saw laying there, still and cold
Dressed in his best uniform,hat neatly placed
The burns on your face were proof,and yet the truth remains untold
It kills me to think,the fear you must have faced

I still question every detail,No ones story makes sence
What happened that day,i really need to know
The way you lost your life, and all that suspence
You died a hero,but you we not ready to go

I don’t know what to think,as your caskets being lowered
I hear amazing grace,and the pastor praise your name
But in my head,a happy life without you, just can’t be pictured
Because i just cannot accept that you’ve put out your last flame


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