About Julie

Julie Obermiller is a community columnist for Lockport’s Union Sun & Journal. Tuesday’s “Chatterbox,” about Barker, Somerset, Appleton and our neighbors, has been appearing for over 8 years and she’s working on the second year of Friday “Spotlight” columns to showcase area community helpers. She writes numerous articles about local organizations, events and local happenings.

In pink hair, she is Pockets the Clown at the annual Exchange Club circus at the Kenan Arena and can be found at charity events making balloon animals and smiles.

In Red Hat, Julie is the Queen Mother (a.k.a. Her Royal Heiney) of the Lakeside Ladies, a local chapter of the worldwide Red Hat Society. She also serves as The Royal Scribe for the WNY Crown Jewels, a council of over 50 area Chapter Queens led by Linda Shutt, and is the email sharing link for news and event notices.

At the moment, she is the coordinator of the Barker Centennial Committee, helping to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Village of Barker with community events to showcase the area she calls her adopted home.

Julie compiles the “Barker Buzz,” a weekly broadsheet with birthdays, food trivia, news and gossip. It can be found at PWT Restaurant in Barker.

An avid reader of cozy mysteries, Julie is a features editor for an online mystery mag called “Mysterical-E Mystery Magazine”. In addition to the “Cozy Corner” column, she writes book reviews and does author interviews for mystery buffs.

At home in Barker with her feline companion, Sneakie Pie, the aptly-named Chatterbox can be categorized as Catholic, Democrat, and old. She also admits to being addicted to Diet Coke, a big fan of chocolate and coffee (brown IS a food group, isn’t it?), is basically very lazy… and thinks GIVING is what life is all about!


7 Responses to “About Julie”

  1. Robert Gilsinan Says:

    Thanks for including the pie article on the cancer walk. I hope your publicity helps the other candidates!!!

  2. Marcia Velia Says:

    I love Julie’s articles and wish I could get the actual chatterbox one on Tuesdays. Being from Barker and moving to Oklahoma 10 years ago, I still look to see the news in Barker. Keep up the good work Julie.

  3. bravidonw2 Says:

    Hi Julie I was told by Tim at the newspaper that I should contact you in order to have information about a benefit posted. Please let me know how to go about this. Thank you

  4. Diane Says:

    Hi Julie, would appreciate it if you would me on your mailing list.
    Thank you.

    Lady Di,
    QM of the Glitz & Glamour Gals
    Port Rowan, Ont. Canada

  5. Tom Brown Says:

    I found you through Snopes.com…thank you for clearing up the Dunkin Donuts debacle. You are a wonder person…I wish you were my neighbor.

    Thanks again,

    • juliechatterbox Says:

      Thank you for the kind words but I was only a small part of clearing this up. Sadly, it will never be truly gone and I wish it were as easy to “delete” in cyberspace as to “send.” I know it sounds corny, but you ARE my neighbor- wherever you are. As long as we share the same planet, the same resources and the same moment in time, we are all in this together! We would all stand up to defend a friend or loved one, but we have to be willing to defend strangers as well. After all, a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Lynnemarie Says:

    Julie “Pockets” Chatterbox,
    Hope you have a great birthday today! Happy Birthday !
    From Lynnemarie

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