The Relay For Life is ON in Lockport!

    WE DO IT IN THE RAIN!!!! The Relay will go on depite the weather! Some events may be curtailed but the worst of the weather will pass by mid-day, leaving us 16 hours to get across the message that we are here to FIGHT CANCER and we won’t give up when the going gets tough (or wet)! The registration tent opens at noon and we encourage everyoen to grab a poncho, umbrella or Hefty Bag  and to come out to the Relay at Emmet Belknap School Track. Registration, Survivors, the giant basket auction, a food spot and others are all under main tents. Many teams have already set up their tents/canopies.

Don’t let the rain stop you!!

As a safety measure, In the unlikely event of lightning activity, the field will be cleared to the school cafeteria until it is okay to go back. Your safety is a major concern!

We hope you will come out to support us and join in the fight against cancer. The full schedule is in the previous post; we may be flexible with some schedule activities early on, but the Opening Ceremonies will be at 6 and the Luminaria ceremony at 10.



Lockport’s Relay For Life- 16 hours of fun!


It’s all happening at the Emmet Belknap School track in Lockport! Be there! 

Schedule of Stage Events


2:00    Newfane High School Jazz Band

3:30    Niagara County Youth Choir

4:00    Dyan Mulvey Dance Academy

5:00    Lockport Community Band

5:45    Warm Up with Christa Provenzano

6:00    Opening Ceremony – Lockport High School Show Choir

6:30 – 8:30 Bone Marrow Registration

7:00    ‘Memphis Sun’ Band

8:45    “Outrageous Bra Extravaganza” Live Auction – Red Hat Society

9:15    ‘Memphis Sun’ Returns

10:00  LUMINARIA CEREMONY – Bagpipes Maurice Britt & John Smith/Lockport Community Choir

Late Night – Karaoke (after movie)


Schedule of Activities

2:00    Petting Zoo * Dunk Tank * Scavenger Hunt Starts * Ms. Relay Starts * Bounce House

Giant Chinese auction of “Memory Baskets”- tickets on sale at 2 p.m. (winners announced at 11 p.m.- need not be present)

            Kid’s tent – face painting, nail art, crafts, and more

2:00 – 5:45  Kan Jam registration (next to concession stand)

 7:00    Water balloon toss

            Kan Jam Tournament Begins

 7:30    Lockport’s Finest Tug O’ War – Firemen vs. Policemen

 8:00    Watermelon Eating Contest

 9:30    Scavenger Hunt deadline

            Ms. Relay deadline

 11:00  Announce winners of Scavenger Hunt and Ms. Relay

 11:30 Movie Under the Stars: “SURF’S UP”  (bring your blankets and chairs, we’ll have the popcorn)

STRIKE AGAINST CANCER-Wii Tournament in Lockport

wii-bowlStrike Against Cancer Wii Tournament is set for April 13 and ‘Jennifer’s Angels” team needs your help!

 Empire PC and Repair is proud to host the first Wii Bowling Tournament in Lockport, to benefit the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life. Participants can register now for the event to be held from 6 to 8 p.m. on April 13 at 5887 Transit Road in Lockport. Steve Popovich, captain of the Jennifer’s Angels Relay team, promises fun for participants and spectators as well. ‘”The controller is easy to use and you don’t even have to rent ugly bowling shoes,” said Popovich. The registration fee is $6 for three games and must be made by April 6. Registration forms can be found at The business is also the drop-off site for donations of old cell phones and empty ink or toner cartridges. in addition to helping our environment, the money raised from the recycling of these items will go to the Relay For Life. Call 433-0366 for more details on items accepted for recycling.

Pancakes and a chinese auction Sunday

It’s pancake breakfast time again on Sunday, as the Barker AFS students serve up pancakes, sausage, scrambled  eggs, toast, juice and coffee at the Barker Fire Hall. They’ll be serving from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the meal is $5 for adults, $3 for children 12 and und under. An immediate family with 2 adults and up to 4 children can eat for $15. There will also be a Chinese auction, so try your luck. This event is not only a fund raiser, but also a community event attended by all ages.  The monies raised are used by the club to send students overseas, host students from foreign countries and to send Barker students on short-term exchanges to other towns and cities within the United States. The purpose of the Short Term Exchange is to give rural students the opportunity to experience city life and vise versa.  This year Barker will send 20 students to Lisle, Illinois for 5 days. In order for students to have the opportunity to participate, the AFS club will offer all students a scholarship to help defray the costs of the trip. 

Jog for the kids this weekend!

    Get your running shoes on for the third annual January Jog 5K Race and Fun Run from the Barker Fire Hall on Saturday. All proceeds will benefit Buffalo Women’s and Children’s Hospital to support the Dreams from the Heart Camp. The run will start from the Barker Fire Hall. The fun run leaves at 10 a.m. and goes through quaint Barker Village and the 5K race goes off at 10:30 a.m. The cost for the 5K is $15 for pre-registration or $17 on the day of the run. 5K participants will receive a long-sleeved tee shirt and a chance for trophies. Fun runners pay $5 and receive ribbons. 5K trophies will go to 1st place overall male and female and medals will be awarded for the top three spots in five-year age groups from ages 14 – 70. It’s important to note that while some runners are giving it their all to compete for prizes, participants are invited to come and jog at their own pace. Even the Fun Run can be done at a leisurely walking pace for the non-athletes. It’s a good way to get outdoors in the winter and maybe work off some of those Christmas calories. This is not just a Barker event; runners are coming from all over the area to support the camp. There will also be a Chinese auction at the fire hall, with all proceeds going to the Dreams of the Heart Camp. The auction is open to non-runners as well and the prize drawing will be held at the after-race party. Donations of baskets, prizes or gift certificates are needed and can be dropped off at 7840 Hoffman Road in Appleton. Call Sara Budde at 998-8602 for information.

“It’s a Wonderful Life” at the Palace

It’s time for the annual pilgrimage to Lockport’s Historic Theatre to see the glorious black and white version of the Frank Capra classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” We saw it many times on the television as children and I have  a videotape to plug into the VCR at any time. It has always been my very favorite feel-good movie and when I finally saw it on the big screen at the Palace four years ago, it became my very favorite Christma gift. It is now the present I give to myself every year, that time out with Jimmy Stewart and the Bailey clan larger-than-life.

For me, the movie is a reminder that even in your darkest hour you are never alone and that prayer is powerful indeed. Just when we think we have nothing to give, we realize that we are important in the grand scheme of things and we don’t realize the impact we have on the lives of others.

Stop by the Palace at 3:30 or 7 p.m. on December 14th and grab some popcorn. Better yet, grab a cup of the snack bar’s new flavored coffees and a box of Raisinettes. Tickets are only $5 and you’ll be filled with holiday spirit galore! Share this movie with someone you love. Maybe it will become a tradition for you, too!

“Pub Crawl”

Brace yourself. I’m breaking out the old fuddy-duddy side of me and it’s not pretty. Celebrating New Year’s Eve has always been sad and poignant for me and I prefer to stay away from people who see drinking to excess as a sport.  The family celebrations like First Night Buffalo and the local ball drops here in Wilson, etc. are much more fun.  I just don’t think you need to get smashed to have a good time.

We all have that relative who has a few too many at the family gathering and stumbles around telling stories of old times, or falls asleep over grandma’s  pistachio dessert. A little holiday nog, a cold brewski or a good wine with dinner never hurt anybody. What bothers me is the idea that it’s the drinkingitself that’s the star of the show. One local town is planning a great New Year’s celebration with kid’s activities, a ball drop, fireworks, entertainment and lots of holiday cheer! Then there’s the “Pub Crawl.”

For ten bucks you get a fancy mug and a punch card. Then you make the rounds of nine local bars to have a drink, collecting a punch on the card at each place. I don’t know about anybody else, but I’d be crawling after the third drink and comatose if I drank nine! The incentive is that if you visit all nine watering holes to fill your card, you can get a free tee shirt and be entered for prizes.  Yes, you could probably get the card punched without buying a drink there (that’s not clear in the advertisement) but anybody who proudly joins a Pub Crawl is surely going to stick around  for at least one and maybe more at each bar in the 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. allotted time. Nine drinks may not seem like a lot spread out over 7 hours, but I’m willing to bet there’ll be much more serious consumption than that going on, just to try to win Sabres tickets or a mini-fridge. I mean, let’s face it, most will be drinkingjust for  the fun of it and not the prizes. It seems that New Year’s Eve has always been celebrated with some holiday cheer, but this Pub Crawl thing is really pushing the envelope.

Yes, the advertisers advise you that you must be 21, should drink responsibly and there’s a number for a cab so you don’t drink and drive. Yeah, right. Most of those mugs are going to be carried by the youngest among us and they’ll be partying heartily. These are all legal establishments and will follow the rules, but the ones crawling the pubs will not. I know I’m in the minority and a tad old-fashioned. I’ve seen too many lives ruined by drinking to find stumbling, puking drunks funny.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I should loosen up a little but  alcohol is promoted as a fun way to socialize and all too often becomes a way of life. It’s addictive. It starts by making you feel happy and part of the fun, but it stops being fun when you crash your car or find pictures of yourself passed out in a pool of vomit on the internet. Embarrassing moments, dignity lost or relationships ruined are the easy ones to deal with. Try vehicular manslaughter, if you’re lucky enough to survive.

See, the whole idea of family celebrations is to have families experience fun things together. There are, indeed, many family things planned for this event, and I might even forgive the outdoor heated cocktail tent for the adults… but the Pub Crawl is a real stretch from family values. I am, frankly, appalled by the very concept. This is only my opinion of course and I’ve been accused of being a stick-in-the-mud before. That’s the price of getting old and crotchety. Still, the only place I’ll be crawling on New Year’s Eve is under some warm covers after the traditional ball drop, and there’ll be no hangover to start the New Year!

Feel free to voice your opinions on the matter. I’d like to see someone justify this one.