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Your Sunny Side Up comments are welcome anytime; simply click on “No comments” at the end of each post. Your first comment will not appear until I approve it, but all others will go right through after that. If you have an event to share on the blog, and a comment won’t do, contact me personally.

Submissions for the Chatterbox, appearing each Tuesday in the Union Sun & Journal, should be submitted no later than Sunday. My contact info is:

Julie Obermiller

8691 Lake Rd.

Barker NY 14012

(716) 795-9262


2 Responses to “Contact Julie”

  1. pam mccarthy Says:

    Hey, Julie, I just wrote a comment on your “Can Catholics vote for Obama” entry. Another interesting article came up on my igoogle page: Check out the following link to the article written by a canon lawyer. I felt much better after reading it!

  2. Daniel Brenton Says:

    Julie —

    Forgive me if all my “Gratitude Watch” comments are getting to be a bit much. (It looked as if you had trackbacks enabled at one point, and then it didn’t look like it at another …)

    Feel free to wipe them if you want. Trackbacks are more than enough.

    Keep up the good work. It’s hard to find material I feel good enough to include in “Gratitude Watch.”

    All the best,


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