Sneakie Pie

A Lady of Liesure

A Lady of Liesure

Sneakie Pie was adopted from Save-A-Pet on February 2, 1995. The vet estimated her age as about three years, meaning she’s now a teenager (16) in people years or a matron in kitty years! I changed her name to Sneakie Pie, after Rita Mae Brown’s mystery writing cat and her crafty way of sneaking up on prey (like a curled pipecleaner or aluminum foil ball). She’s a brown tiger with a tiny stump of a tail- natural and not bobbed. When she was rescued, she had a tailless kitten with her who was adopted out quickly. The funny thing is, she came from a foster home of about 14 cats and was fine with them. Earlier abuse has made her wary of humans and a raised hand (even after all this time) sends her into hiding. Only a very few visitors have ever actually seen her. She loves to be scratched and brushed all the time, and will plant herself on my hip if I’m lying down with a book, or curled up on my chest in bed…but don’t ever attempt to pick her up! She’s a fierce little watch-cat and no other cat can come anywhere near. I wonder if her short legs and wide stance really are part manx heritage. Whatever her lineage, she has been a faithful and loving companion for many years, never letting me forget who the REAL boss is around here!

I was never able to keep her indoors all the time, and she comes and goes through her little door. If I pull up in my car, she comes flying out the door to greet me (and scratch her nails on the ramp post). If I stay in the car too long gathering my things or listening to the end of a song, she’s on the hood reaching around my side-view mirror to tap on the window. 🙂 It’s nice to be needed and loved unconditionally!


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